Creating coherence

Geospatial Intelligence is an effective way of making sense of the tremendous amounts of data available today

Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence or GEOINT is intelligence derived from the analysis of imagery intelligence (IMINT) and geospatial information. To put it simply: we use your data, place it on a map or image and produce valuable information from the fact that everything has a location, exists in a time frame and is related to nearby objects or places.

Inbox Full@2x Creating coherence

Geospatial Intelligence is an effective way of making sense of the tremendous amounts of data available today. GEOINT is creating coherence from a chaos of position data, time, speed data, moving objects etc. This is what what we do best: throughout the years we have helped many of our customers to succeed simply by finding answers that already were there in their data. Through GEOINT we can get insight, detect patterns, understand behaviors, receive heads up, produce situational awareness and see big pictures that will place us one step ahead in complicated decision making processes.

Users 2@2x Demanding customers

GEOINT has a wide range of use. The obvious GEOINT consumer is within the defence sector, but we have also successfully deployed solutions within public safety and general risk management. Decisions made on a strategic level within the health services need to be based on facts sufficient for the purpose. The decisions can be matters of life and death.

Globe 1@2x The data is out there

Our customers need to know where to go and what they can expect when they get there. Our customers sometimes go into areas where everything is not safe.
You do not always have to have a person on the ground in order to find the facts you need – there is a lot of data out there, ready to be used. At InPlace, we create processes that ingest open source and proprietary data, digest it and visualise the result as GEOINT- or maps.

Globe with Arrows@2x Geographic Information Systems – GIS

The need for commercial services managing, analyzing and producing geospatial data is constantly growing. Our services take situational awareness to a more specialised and custom made level when compared to commercial Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Your commercial Geographic Information System (GIS) will take you a fair way on the journey to understanding. However, you may not get as far as you want and it may cost you more than you were prepared for. Having a partner that can guide you and show you the byroads can be worth it.