About us

InPlace Solutions is an agile and reliable partner specialised on high requirement geographical information systems (GIS). The core of our abilities is in producing solutions for acquisition, analysis, visualisation and dissemination of place- and time-based information. We are privately owned and currently about to increase our work force with more than half.

InPlace Solutions

Our history and our core business is in security and defence, where we have produced the sharpest quality situational awareness solutions for over 20 years now. We are known as a strictly trustworthy partner. We produce solutions for customers with tough and challenging requirements.

InPlace Solutions has a stated commitment to quality and we are proud to have been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate as well as several other certificates.

Far North in Kruunupyy

InPlace Solutions works globally, but our Skull Cave is in the far North in Kruunupyy in Finland – from your point of view probably in the middle of nowhere, from our point of view perfectly in the middle of everything. With 12 minutes to the nearest airport and a sturdy net access available, we will be with our customers in a blink of an eye.

Our team

Our team consists of top GEOINT and software development professionals. To survive here you need a sharp brain and a happy mind.


Thomas Nynäs

Managing Director
thomas.nynas (at) inplace.fi


Ann-Sofie Sundelin

Operations Manager
ann-sofie.sundelin (at) inplace.fi


Jukka Torppa

Operations Manager
jukka.torppa (at) inplace.fi


Maarit Biskop

Economy Assistant
maarit.biskop (at) inplace.fi


Martin Stens

Software Developer
martin.stens (at) inplace.fi


Sakarias Stenbäck

Software Developer
sakarias.stenback (at) inplace.fi


Madelin Abbors

GIS Analyst
madelin.abbors (at) inplace.fi


Mika Piiroinen

Senior Adviser
mika.piiroinen (at) inplace.fi


Maria Yli-Hillilä

Software Developer
maria.yli-hillila (at) inplace.fi


Vesa Styrman

Software Developer
vesa.styrman (at) inplace.fi


Mathias Ray

Software Developer
mathias.ray (at) inplace.fi


Kim Laggnäs

Software Developer
kim.laggnas (at) inplace.fi