Customised. On core.

In an operational environment that is evolving faster and faster every day it is crucial to not waste time and money on services you do not need. InPlace only makes customised solutions. We truly listen to your requirements and produce exactly the solutions you need.


We want to help you enhance your product. By bringing spatiotemporal data and GEOINT into the equation, you will see your data in a way you have never seen it before. You will see how things have evolved over time, you will be able to visualise change, you will have the ability to extrapolate and foresee upcoming events. Some of these in real time when used within situational awareness and common operating picture systems.

InPlace Analytics

We are just about to launch our latest solution for making sense of big amounts of data, giving you the sharpest tools for situation awareness and decision making. With InPlace Analytics you really know what it is all about.

The InPlace Analytics software is used to acquire and analyse data for use in decision support processes. The ultimate value is in building actionable intelligence from different data sources by creating the big picture piece by piece. The software is based on several design and functionality patterns developed in customer specific projects by InPlace. It is already proven in battle.

Every step in the process of building the big picture is carried out by the InPlace Analytics Engine which operates on a server computer and is accessible through a web interface.

How can we customise InPlace Analytics for your organisation? Please contact us for further information.



Consider yourself as a data administrator. You acquired the data, you published it and now you would like people to know it is there. People who have never heard about WMS nor do they have a clue what to do with it. People who really just need a map and no fancy explanations. Many of our customers face the same dilemma in their daily operations, so we thought we would help them out. MapInCore is what it says: a core component that serves map resources to those who needs them.

And of course we cater to those who know the OGC standards by heart, too.

What kind of services does your organisation need? Please contact us for further information.



Tactical situations demand a fast and efficient software in order for both command rooms and people on the ground to keep everything under control. If you need to keep everyone and everything on a moving map in realtime we offer you MapInMotion. MapInMotion gives commanders a full situational picture. Single units will be able to track their own position and the position of other units in relation to the tactical situation. The command room and units can share information quickly and reliably and, for example, assign areas of responsibility in this easy-to-use and secure GEOINT software.

For you to have access to MapInMotion anywhere anytime we have built a browser application based on Luciad’s RIA technology. This ”fat-free” application also works great on mobile devices – unlike regular browser based command room software, there is practically no lag, so you can use it with the same accuracy as regular MapInMotion.

How can we serve your organisation? Please contact us for further information.

User Female@2x For system administrators

Buy it – don’t build it. You have heard it before and it is still true. We base our solutions on standard commercial off-the-shelf products provided by companies such as Microsoft, Esri, BAE, Oracle and others. With a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of these systems – and other, more exotic ones – we can provide you with a plan for how to get the most of your investment in infrastructure. We can also help you analyse your existing or proposed systems and help you optimise the overall performance. We provide solutions, not applications.

Choosing InPlace as your GIS development and integration partner will ensure that you get a partner that respects your systems. We want you to feel confident in choosing us as the partner who will make your systems spatially aware.

Users 2@2x For end users

Most of the systems we build are created for and by engineers and many are fairly complicated. However, our goal has always been to create systems that are efficient and reasonable easy to use. In order to achieve this, we always involve the end user in the production process. The planning process involves end user acceptance of user interfaces, processes and work schemes. Once the software goes into production, the end users will give us the final verdict.

Choosing InPlace as your GIS development and integration partner will ensure that you have an important say in how we form your future tools. We want you to feel confident that the solutions we provide will serve you efficiently for a long period of time.